Colonial Conquest’s Victory

In Colonial Conquest, you win by either scoring the most Victory Points (VPs) or being the first to reach a certain preset VP threshold, depending on scenario and custom choices in the main menu.

To gain VPs, there are only two ways: you must capture regions over the world, and defeat your enemies in battle. Losing battles or regions will cost you VPs too.



Colonial Conquest’s content and gameplay

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1) Britain

2) Germany

3) France

4) USA

5) Japan

6) Russia

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Each power has its own strength and weaknesses in terms of army and navy efficiency and costs. The usually have 3 home regions holding between 1 and 3 Supply Centers (sites where units are constructed).



The world has about 130 regions open to conquests. The regions have variable income and VP values (set randomly in the Standard scenario) and unknown until conquered or spied upon. Each region not owned by a Major Power usually has an independent Minor country owning and defending it.

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Each Major country is controlled by a human player or the computer, or is designated neutral and then acts as a Minor country.

Hotseat play is possible on either the PC or tablet, with an option to limit to 4.00 minutes the playing time per player.

Each game turn represents roughly one season. Game lasts till victory conditions are achieved.


The initial game offers 3 scenarios: one starting in the year 1880 with an historical setting, one in 1914 with historical positions, and an open 1870 standard where nation only own their starting home territories (free-for-all non-historical)

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The game has 3 main phases, for each player in sequence, i.e. the Build Phase (consisting of following subphases: Army & Navy Construction, Fortification, Economic Aid, Espionage, Subversion), the Movement Phase (Army & Navy), and the Combat Phase.

Note that the Build Phases occur each spring only.


The gameplay of each phase is rather simple and straightforward, as follows:

Army and Navy Build Phase (Spring): Create new armies and fleets in the Supply Centers located exclusively in your Major country’s home region.

Fortification Phase (Spring): Fortify army units (except in Supply Centers).

Economic Aid Phase (Spring): Lend money to other Major countries; these are added to their Treasury. Or Lend money to neutral Minor countries; these are used immediately to build armies.

Espionage Phase (Spring): Learn the approximate army strength and the income of a Minor country or of an region controlled by a Major country. Your current Treasury and the cost of spying will be displayed after you set the choice of the region to be spied on.

Subversion Phase (Spring): Spend money to bribe a Minor country’s army, weakening the country’s defense or causing a coup (giving you control of the said country in return).


Movement Phase (All turns): Move armies to adjacent regions only. If region is controlled by you, troops become reinforcement. If region is neutral or controlled by another Major country, troops attack and battle is fought in the Combat Phase.

Move navies alone or with armies from one port to another. If destination is a port you control, forces there are reinforced. If you do not control the port, then navy alone or navy and armies attack and battles are resolved in the Combat Phase.

Combat Phase (All turns): up to twenty rounds of battle; each consists of naval vs. naval battle and army vs. adjacent army battle.


1 VP is added for every battle won by armies. 1 VP is deducted for every battle lost by armies. VPs are also added or subtracted for acquiring or losing control of regions.

Note: in both historical scenarios, Major Countries control some regions at the beginning of the game, but they have no victory points for these.

All scores are set at zero before play begins. However, if as a Major country, you lose control of an region that you held at the start, points will be deducted from your score. If you should gain control again, then you will be awarded the victory points just as you would be for gaining control of any other region.

You can see your score from the main interface at any time (or by clicking on your opponent’s flags for their respective scores).

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