6.1.1 The game consists of the following phases:



Army and Navy Build Phase

Fortification Phase

Economic Aid Phase

Espionage Phase

Subversion Phase



Army & Navy Movement Phase




6.1.2 There are four turns in a year, each turn corresponding to a season of the year. The first turn takes place in the Spring. Summer, Fall and Winter follow. The Build Phase occurs once each year, in the first turn and then again before each Spring Movement Phase.


6.1.3 The money gained from the control of Minor countries and regions is included in the player’s Treasury and available for use in the Build Phases. The money may be spent to build armies, fleets, and fortifications; to make loans to other countries; to subvert Minor countries; and to spy on Major and Minor countries. Any money not spent will remain in the country’s treasury and will be available for use in the next year’s Build Phase.


6.1.4 Between each Build Phase and each Movement Phase, press NEXT and the computer will proceed to next phase of the game (or next player in same phase if not all played).


6.1.5 All battles are resolved during the Combat Phase, and the screen display is updated for VP changes.

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