A / Construction (Spring only)
Construction is allowed only inside a region with an Industrial Center. Only Major Powers have them, between 1 and 3, located in their original national territories. You can identify them on the map with their factory icon.
Armies can be built in any of the Industrial Centers, but fleets can only be constructed in those which are also ports.

To start construction, you must be in Spring and select one of your regions with an Industrial Center, then click on the construction button.

A windows open, showing the unit cost of each unit (this is power specific), as well as the available funds in the treasury. You just then need to select the quantity of regiments and warships you want to buy (using the sliders) and those will instantly appear inside the construction region after the construction window has been closed (i.e. validating the purchase of the units).


B / Fortification (Spring only)
Fortifications can be built in any region that the player owns, with the exception of those already with forts and the Industrial Center regions (which are de facto fortified themselves)
To proceed, just select the target region and click on the fortification button. A window pops-up, showing the cost of the action and the available treasury. Just validate the action and the fort will be built instantly.

Fortification effects are double :
- Military effect which effectively doubles the quantity of defending troops on the first round of battle
- Spying effect to multiply by two the cost of enemy spying actions in the region.

The default cost of fortification is £1,000,000 but this may change according to scenarios.

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