6.2.2 Army and Navy Build Phase

In the window, you may determine the current army and navy strength of all regions under your control. You may also create new army units.

Method: After you choose a Supply Center, the current Treasury and the price of 1 regiment are displayed. Use the slider to indicate the number of regiments to purchase and build. Troops may be purchased (built) in increments of 1. To increase the number, push the slider to the right; to decrease the number, push it to the left. The current Treasury figure will reflect the changes. To confirm the number of troops to be built and then return to the Main Army Build Screen, press the validation button.

You may also create new fleets. These must be built in a port containing a Supply Center.

Method: To build new fleets, follow the same procedure as that used in building new armies.


6.2.4 Fortification Phase

You may fortify friendly army units in regions you occupy. Remember that Supply Centers are automatically fortified.

Method: The current Treasury and the price of fortification is displayed. To fortify, press the button.

You may continue to fortify regions as long as you have enough money.

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