C / Espionage (Spring only)

Espionage (i.e. Spying) allows the player to get information on a target region, about its defense, its income or victory point value. The said information is more or less accurate though.

To spy, you only need to select the target region and then click on the Spying button (a magnifying glass).

A window appears, showing the cost of spying and the available treasury. You just need to validate the action and the Espionage Report will  be displayed.

This report will update all information on the region also in the bottom left part of the interface (but this information will remain those receive at the time of spying, i.e. they will not update by themselves over the course of the game)


The default cost of Spying is £200,000 for a non-fortified region and is £1,000,000 for a fortified one.

The Espionage report gives also a reliability value to the military information supplied, as indicated by the succession of red (poor) or green (good) magnifying glasses displayed next to the values .

Obviously the espionage never takes into account troop and fleet movement underway at the time of the action, and thus strength of forces potentially leaving from or arriving into the region this turn are not shown.


Reminder: spying results remain effective for one year, although the information may quickly become inaccurate as the report was made in the Spring.

D / Economic Aid (Spring only)

Economic Aid (sometimes called subsidies) is used to transfer money from the treasury of your Major Power to another major power, or to send money from your major power to a minor nation.

The Economic Aid screen is also used to negotiate peace between Major Powers.


To use this function, just select the target region (for a minor) or an Industrial center of a Major Power (to pay for peace), then click on the Economic aid button.

A window opens and contains a slider which allows you to select the amount of money you want to transfer from your treasury, the total of which is also displayed in the window as a reminder .

It also contain a button that allows to calculate the amount of war indemnities to be paid for peace talks with another major power. Just validate and the funds will be transferred.

Money given to a major power goes directly into the treasury of the latter, and it can spend it as it likes. Money transferred to a minor nation is immediately converted into land forces (regiments) purchases and an icon is displayed on the map to show roughly how many regiments the minor bought with your funds .


E / Subversion (Spring only)

Subversion is only possible on a minor nation. The goal of the action is to weaken its military forces in the region. In some cases, if those forces fall below a certain (undisclosed to players) level, the whole minor capitulates and suffers a coup that makes it now a member of the major power (e.g. a protectorate).

To subvert a region, select it then click on the subversion button.

A window opens and shows a button to press, which will deduct £100,000 from your treasury, the total of which is also displayed in the window as a reminder .


Each click on the button inside the window will spend again those £100,000 and affect the power of the minor nation. A text showing “Failure” will be displayed after the press. It’s not a failure per se but only the failure of the coup attempt.

If a subversion action succeeds in triggering a coup within the minor nation, the message “Success” will be displayed . This happens when the army strength of the minor falls below 1 regiment due to previous subverting of that said region. As a consequence, the region become owned by the acting major power, with 1 regiment in garrison.


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