6.2.5 Economic Aid Phase

You may lend money to both Major and neutral Minor countries. Money loaned to a Major country is added to that Major country’s Treasury. Information about lending money in order to end a war carried on by a computer controlled Major country is given later in Section 7.6. Money loaned to a neutral Minor country is used immediately to build armies in that Minor country.

Method: The current Treasury will be displayed. Use the slider to indicate the amount of the loan. To make the loan, press the validation button, or escape (the X button) to return to the main screen. You may lend money to more than one country.


6.2.6 Espionage Phase

You may learn the approximate arm y strength and the income of a Minor country, a Major country, or an region controlled by a Major country.

Method: All uncontrolled Minor countries have had their Status Flag shown as grey. The current Treasury and cost of spying on that particular region will be displayed.

An updated approximate army strength and approximate revenue is displayed. The approximate army strength will only include troops that have not previously been ordered to move during the current turn. (Note: Naval strength cannot be determined by spying.)


6.2.7 Subversion Phase

You may undermine the military strength (reduce the number of armies) of Minor countries. If you spend enough, a coup occurs; and you control the Minor country. Your army marker (flag) appears in the Minor country’s region. A token garrison of 1 regiment is placed in the country. The income of the subverted country is added to your Treasury at the start of the next build phase. No victory points are added to your Score for subverting a country.

Method:the amount in your Treasury is displayed, and you are asked for the amount of the bribe (use the slider). CAUTION: Any money given as a bribe is considered spent instantly. There is no going back. To increase the bribe, push the slider to the right. Bribes cannot be decreased. To complete the transaction after you have reached the total amount you wish to offer, but before the Minor country has been overthrown, validate the action.

You may subvert as many Minor countries as you can afford to bribe. Keep in mind that the higher the revenue, the harder it is to subvert the country (i.e. poor countries are more easily subverted) .

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