8.1 Garrison your Supply Centers with a large number of troops. Supply Centers are the only place you can build armies and navies, and you need armies and navies to score points.


8.2 Attack where the computer is not attacking. There are 8 Theaters and only 6 players. You can avoid a long and costly war and build up your economic base by attacking a Theater that has been left alone by other players.


8.3 Take control of an entire Theater if possible and then garrison it with a large number of troops. The economic bonus for controlling a Theater is well worth the time and trouble it takes to control the Theater. If the computer decides to enter a Theater already under another player’s control, then the computer attacks and starts a war.


8.4 Use the Espionage Phase to determine a weak spot in the Theater you wish to attack. Attack the weak country and use it as a base to attack the other. surrounding neutral countries.

Remember, if you launch a naval attack on an region from outside of the Theater and lose the attack, all your attacking armies are lost


8.5 Do not attack a country controlled by the computer unless you feel you are ready for a long bloody war.


8.6 Never forget about your position on the sequence of play. The players before you can spy on you and determine your approximate strength before you send armies on attacks.

You can spy on the players following and possibly get an idea of their intentions. This information is especially important if you are playing a multiple player version and are using the diplomacy feature of the game. Any information you obtain can be used to make deals with other players. If you are at war with a computer controlled country that follows you in the sequence of play, you can end the war easily in the Economic Aid Phase.


8.7 Determine the weaknesses and strengths of your country and try to use them to your advantage. Example: Britain has the best trained, most effective armies of all the countries. Unfortunately, they cost more than any other and there are fewer of them.


8.8 If you want an interesting game, you can set the computer level to counteract the country’s weaknesses. Example: The Russian is the weakest of the players. Setting the Russian computer level to 9 gives it a distinct advantage (and over 4,000 regiments) .

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